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Shifting Self-Care

I've thought about my grandpa often this month, given the vulnerability of seniors to the coronavirus. My grandpa died several years ago, but he lived to be 100. He worked, by choice, into his mid-80's. He read his professional journals and continued to exercise regularly into his mid-90s.

As he faced the challenges of aging, I observed him purposefully shift the type of work and self-care activities that he participated in. There was some sadness and a sense of loss with the shifts, but there was optimism, too.

There is a lot to learn from someone who lived such a full professional and personal life.

One of the key things I observed him do was consistently re-commit to self-care. It is not easy to change habits. But he did this again and again, as life circumstances changed. For example, the way he exercised, and with whom, profoundly changed as the decades went by.

As I check in with colleagues and clients, I see some struggling with self-care as we continue to shift our lives to adjust to our new realities. But self-care - acknowledging that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves - is essential.

Self-care is a critical component of leadership. How can we truly be of service to others if we can’t show up for ourselves? Perfection is not required. I’m looking for any and all self-care victories here, folks!

So what shifts in self-care can you make for yourself this coming week? What can you commit or recommit to, for yourself?

If you are having trouble getting shifted, what is one, teeny, tiny thing that you can do to jump-start? Make it small. Make it happen. Celebrate your self-care win. Repeat as many days as possible this week. You are worth it.

Send me a message if you need support setting your intention for self-care or someone to help you celebrate showing up for yourself.

No self-care victory is too small right now, my friends.

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