• Kara Sammet

Facing the Storm

During a recent online discussion about how we’re all weathering this global health storm, a colleague reflected, “I used to say I swim and workout all the time for resilience. This is the time to rely on that resilience I was training in.”

Yes. This is the time. Time to flex that resilience muscle. Because it is a muscle. It's the muscle that helps us turn to face this storm from a position of strength.

For most of us who work out regularly (or even semi-regularly), we aren’t building our muscles for moving furniture. We are building a reserve of resources for mental and emotional challenges.

Forget the Ironman. THIS is the challenge we’ve been training for.

I’ll be honest, I was beating myself up a bit last week for not being at my physical peak during this crazy storm. I’ve been sick for the duration of our two-week quarantine. It is not Covid-19 and I am grateful for that every day. Nonetheless, it has put my immunity on the line. And it has definitely not been conducive for working or home-schooling my special-needs son. So I’ve been feeling a bit frustrated and angry at my body for choosing right now to be vulnerable. Shouldn’t all my previous strength training be protecting me now? Well, apparently it has, and my colleague’s comment about resilience reminded me of this. Because despite feeling pretty crappy physically, I’ve also generally felt pretty darn good emotionally and mentally. I’m making relatively healthy eating choices. There are definitely some cookies involved, but I’m eating them with intentionality and true pleasure.

I’m meditating. Imperfectly, more fidgety than normal, but showing up. I’m leaning into and receiving a tremendous amount of love and support from friends and family.

I also had a really good cry one morning this week, before my antibiotics kicked in, when my son had a temperature and a dry cough. (He seems to be fine now.) I’ll take those tears as a sign that I am actually feeling my feelings, rather than numbing out or stuffing them down. So I cried. And then I called my sister, righted my ship, and pressed on.

Yes, this is my mental and emotional strength and resilience kicking in, at exactly the moment I need it.

I’m feeling damn lucky. Because most likely, whatever my body is fighting off is just an unfortunately-timed bump in the road.

Whatever you are going through this week - because we all are, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional - how are you doing? Where are you shining? Where do you see your resilience muscle flexing?

What are you doing to shore up your resilience or to take intentional steps to begin building it?

And most importantly, where do you need support? Shoot me a message if I can help.

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