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Equals Webinar Series 

Interpersonal Communication
February 12, 2019

Participants will learn how to use leadership skills to work more effectively with others.  It will provide an overview on communicating with others, how to develop trust, coaching, negotiate effectively and influence others, conflict management, and managing and leading change. Instructed by Dr. Kara Sammet who, for nearly twenty years, has advised visionary leaders on strategies to create inclusive organizations and promote professional opportunities for all women. 

Women In Tech-

The Future of AI

Sibley Auditorium - UC Berkeley
March 8, 2019

At this year’s symposium, we will highlight the experiences of women in AI and explore our collective future with representatives from established companies, startups, academia, and the public sector.

The symposium is open to everyone, encouraging a broader audience to join the conversation. Attendees will have the opportunity to share experiences, establish new connections, and collectively champion the advancement of women in technology.

Oakland, CA, USA

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