Systems & Culture

This is not a cookie-cutter Diversity 101 training. We translate expert content knowledge  of business case data and gender equity research into learning, strategy and action. Our engagement process is tailored to your organization to facilitate opportunity identification. Through our work, organizations are able to fully value and leverage women’s contributions as creators, investors, founders and leaders to drive innovation and business performance.

Leadership Development 


Gender Inclusion Leadership Training

Building gender diverse teams doesn’t need to be a pain point. We share research-based strategies for practicing inclusive leadership, implementing fair performance evaluation processes, and creating effective sponsorship infrastructures that keep women on track to promotions and leadership.

Employee Support Programs

We design and advise on the implementation of comprehensive employee support programs that empower women to grow their potential, build community and engagement through employee resource groups, employee giving, and network and professional development events.

Executive Training for Women

We accelerate leadership and professional development through custom on-site, remote, or hybrid-format courses and workshops that support women to develop the skills they need to advance their careers.

Oakland, CA, USA

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