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Business leaders who work with us tend to share a few traits.


First, most have a personal stake in gender equity, diversity, and inclusion. They may know that there is a strong business case for diversity and want help getting that information to their team. But that’s not why they hire us. Instead, they are looking for help to do the right thing. They know that addressing potential areas of unconscious bias and ensuring equity is the right thing to do for their companies, for their portfolios, for the women on their teams and, in many cases, for the women in their personal lives.


Second, like other successful leaders, they surround themselves with smart people who have complementary areas of expertise. When it comes to issues like unconscious bias and gender equity, they understand that they don’t know what they don’t know. And they are ready to provide their teams with the support and information they need to move forward.


Finally, they have high ambitions. They want real diversity on their leadership teams. They are aiming for gender parity and beyond. They are looking for more than compliance-driven training or CYA operating procedures. Their goal is to create a company where men and women want to work, where all employees feel a sense of pride about creating a great work environment, and where, leading by example, they might even be a force for good in their industry.


Mandatory, cookie-cutter diversity training doesn’t work. So we customize our services, incorporating a deep understanding of evidence-based best practices on diversity and inclusion with your organization’s culture and context. Think of us as your on-demand Chief Diversity Officer and Learning and Development team.

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