Gender Lenz provides diversity and inclusion expertise that supports business and foundation leaders to effectively invest in women in tech, from the classroom to the board room.

Transformative Vision

We work with visionary CEOs, philanthropy leaders, and CSR professionals who want to harness the power of diversity and inclusion to reach their social and business goals.


We partner with you to more effectively recruit, grow, and retain female leadership.

Measurable Results

Our diverse team combines backgrounds in business, behavioral design, and performance measurement to help you achieve real impact.

Benefits of Gender Inclusion

So much more than just the right thing to do...

Engaged Employees

Effective gender inclusion promotes employee engagement and job satisfaction, allowing organizations to more easily attract and retain the best talent and leading to increased productivity.

Stronger Brands

Gender inclusion is so much more than corporate social responsibility or empty public relations. It is comprehensive and systemic action. Effective inclusion practices in systems, culture and leadership transforms employees, customers and the media into strong brand advocates.

Better Investments

A diverse workforce gives you an increased ability to identify investment opportunities and market disruption that your competitors don’t see.

Bigger Ideas

When you disrupt bias in your systems and operations, you open up a world of new possibility. This helps you identify opportunities and ideas previously missed.

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